Topgrading - Talent Management Solution

Triple your hiring success!

Brad and Geoff Smart created Topgrading® after they conducted over 10,000 in-depth assessments of CEOs, managers, and billionaire entrepreneurs in every major industry. In their 2004 "Cost of Mis-hires" Study in Fortune 500 companies, they found:

  • The average total cost of mis-hiring a person earning $100k salary = $1.5 million in lost opportunity, compensation, expenses, and disruption to the company.
  • Non Topgrading Companies have a 25% success rate hiring, managing, and promoting High Performers.
  • Topgrading companies have a 90% success rate in hiring, managing, and promoting High Performers.

Management Success China brings the Topgrading methodology and bi-lingual implementation experience to your location. We've been Topgrading since 2007 and are passionate about ensuring that Managers and Executives can follow the program with ease.

With over 65,000 case studies, Topgrading is proven to bring immediate results to your strategic initiatives by increasing the percentage of high performers in the company - profits, revenue, and quality go up while operational costs go down.

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Succession Planning

Regardless of the size of your company, and especially in a challenging economy, Executives & Managers must get personally involved with succession planning.

Efforts need to focus directly on helping managers make a successful transition from middle to top management. It's important to start early developing the potential of young leaders.

We support organizations to create or refine an end-to-end succession-planning platform, getting all managers on board to lead these important efforts for the benefit of the company.

Interview Skills

The most important decisions regarding hire and promotion of "talent" are too often based on poorly conducted interviews.

Even successful executives and managers are not well practiced in assessing candidates correctly through specific examples, facts, and after interview assessments.

We teach basic, intermediate, and advanced interviewing skills for young managers, veterans, and executives. Courses are tailored to focus on specific competencies for each level of responsibility in the organization.

We ensure immediate improvements to the quality of critical decisions when hiring and promoting talent.

Coaching Individual Development

Employees are generally responsible for driving individual development without clear guidance, success measures, or much support.

Development plans are given little discussion or clarity; in most cases, discussions happen on the fly and the employee doesn't understand the skills required to reach the next level.

Management Success China implements world-class coaching and development practices, ensuring that individuals know exactly how to improve specific competencies and follow up on progress.