Management Success

Our workshops are modular and easily customized.

Management Success China takes time to carefully understand the status and vision for talent management inside the company. We decipher unique client needs based on existing structure, employee tenure, pace of growth, and culture.

Working together, we build a solution and implementation plan with executives that can be implemented by leaders and managers, getting teams on board first and sparking ownership for the long-term.

Topgrading® Workshop for People Managers

Participants learn the end-to-end Topgrading strategy, including:

  • History, Concepts, and Benefits
  • 12 Steps to Topgrading Success
  • Legalities - Do's and Don'ts
  • Tools, Forms, and Interview Practice

Topgrading® Implementation & Interview Skills Workshop - Basic

Participants create a 12 - 24 month Topgrading strategic plan, including:

  • Company policies to ensure success with Topgrading
  • Milestones to move the company to 90% High Performers
  • Sign-off on speed of implementation for each of the 12 steps

Executives & Managers increase their interviewing skills via scenario practice & role-play:

  • Setting the agenda, guiding the Interviewee, and controlling the interview
  • Getting specific and factual data from the interview
  • Understanding basic body language during the interview
  • Active listening & digging deep for clarity of answers

Topgrading® Implementation & Interviewing Skills Workshop - Intermediate

This workshop identifies Strengths, Weaknesses, and Course Corrections when analyzing Topgrading implementation. Participants check progress against plan after 6 months of Topgrading implementation and strengthen the company's ability to hire, retain, and promote High Performers.

The workshop also includes practice and role-plays to significantly increase Interviewing Skills.

Interviewing Skills Workshop - Advanced - Train the Trainer

MSC is pleased to provide advanced interview skills training & Train the Trainer courses. Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Train and coach colleagues on Basic & Intermediate Interviewing Skills
  • Lead interviews for senior managers
  • Develop in-house curriculum for ongoing interview skills training

Executive & Management Coaching

Michelle is available for regular checkpoints with CEO's to listen to feedback and concerns, and to guide the company on the development and implementation of talent management frameworks.

Third Party Interviews

Need a second opinion when hiring for a leadership role? We conduct Topgrading interviews to assist with company hiring success.

Topgrading & Talent Management Audit

After the executive and management team has been trained on Topgrading and is 6-12 months into implementation, MSC provides end-to-end audits to assess how well aligned the company's Talent Management & Performance Management practices are against company's policies and the Topgrading standard.