Management Success China

Michelle LaVallee

Michelle LaVallee, Founder & Partner

Michelle LaVallee is an international business leader with expertise in developing mutually beneficial relationships between customers and clients. She has worked within the Asia Pacific region since 1995 and offers practical services in implementing talent management systems and processes for complex organizations.

Michelle has been awarded throughout her career for leadership in providing effective and long-term solutions for fast-track organizational development. She is an entrepreneur with a commitment to quality and a passion for industry leading excellence.

Prior to founding Management Success China, Michelle directed internationally recognized hospitality brands across China and Macao. In 5 years as Chief Operating Officer for the blue horizon hospitality group, she brought Fortune 500 practices to small and medium size enterprises while achieving rapid and profitable growth in new markets.

Michelle has practiced Topgrading since 2007 and has over 700 hours delivering Topgrading workshops, bi-lingual training programs, lectures, interviews, and coaching.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Michelle's international business career began in 1997 with the Microsoft Corporation in Shanghai, China, where she led the expansion of Asia Pacific Customer Service and Technical Support departments through 2005.

Michelle has a passion for education, technology, people development, simplifying complex strategies, and driving growth within multi-cultural environments. She enjoys teaching Fortune 500 best practices to developing organizations.


Management Success China is proud to be affiliated with Saatori and ReedHamilton.

saatori Mary Rezek, Founder & Principal Consultant
Saatori • executive development & consulting

Mary Rezek is an accomplished executive advisor and corporate leadership facilitator, having shared her insight, talent and expertise with more than 10,000 individuals across 35 countries.

She is the founder and principal consultant of Saatori, a boutique consultancy that specializes in executive development and corporate dynamics, delivering meaningful corporate learning experiences that help organizations create high-performance leaders.

Saatori brings unique perspectives and practical tools to executives, management teams and global organizations that help align their energies and maximize their effectiveness to achieve their business goals.

Based in Shanghai, China, for 14 years, Saatori retains clients throughout China, India, South East Asia, Europe and North America.

reedhamilton Charles Hamilton Ferguson, Partner, ReedHamilton

Charles Hamilton Ferguson is a founding Partner at ReedHamilton, a talent management consulting and executive search firm based in Singapore that services Financial Services, Technology, and Emerging Markets. ReedHamilton has over 35 years industry experience in the region and an extensive network that ensures access to high caliber executives.

Charles brings his experience and technology leadership to the fore as the lead for ReedHamilton's technology and communication industry coverage for the region. He has over 17 years of experience in the information technology industry in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia.