Talent Management Consulting

Management Success China specializes in the development and implementation of Talent Management strategies with a specific focus on bridging experience between Executives and Middle Managers. We have successfully implemented tremendous and positive organizational change in small, medium, and large corporations for over 15 years.

Smart, capable, loyal, and resourceful talent can be found in
abundance for your company. Find them, hold on to them and do
everything you can to develop their future with your company.

Our services are created to meet a growing demand for executive support while implementing Topgrading®, Talent Management, and Succession Planning frameworks. We have a passion for simplifying Fortune 500 best practices and easing them into organizations via bi-lingual workshops and step-by-step rollout planning.

By focusing on the development of managers and teaching the Topgrading strategy, Management Success China supports clients to increase the percentage of high performing talent across the company.

We begin by measuring hiring and promoting success across the company; from there we ensure that all hiring managers have deep rooted skills to conduct interviews, assess competencies, and coach individual development.

We teach the simple principles of talent management, succession planning, and how to hold conversations on a regular basis with executives to push the company's hiring and promoting success to 90% High Performers.

Our clients learn the end-to-end Topgrading Strategy, including:

  • History, Concepts, and Benefits
  • 12 Steps to Topgrading Success
  • Legalities - Do's and Don'ts
  • Tool & Form Practice
  • Interview Practice

We place heavy emphasis on interviewing skill development and have created a series of courses that swiftly move individuals and group abilities from basic to advanced interviewing practices.

We work with leadership teams to integrate new concepts and tools with existing company structure and identify creative avenues that simplify best practices in order to ease implementation.

We review and audit existing Talent Management frameworks and create a 6 - 24 month Topgrading implementation plan, including:

  • Company Policies to ensure success with Topgrading
  • Targets & Milestones to move the company from an industry average of 25% High Performers to 90% High Performers

After the delivery of services on location, checkpoints are scheduled with executives and managers to provide guidance, listen to feedback and concerns, and to coach the company on in-house curriculum development.

Our consulting practice is applicable around the world and tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We deliver workshops and management consulting in English and Mandarin Chinese, ensuring that young professionals, seasoned managers, and executives can follow our programs with ease.

We offer simple solutions to complex processes.